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Apr 2015

Should You Build Your Own Website?

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The do-it yourself sites online today can be save you money if you have the time and patience to learn the online tools to build your website, but is it effective? A well-built website is more than a bunch of pages put together. Google will rank your site based on many criteria that you need to know. You may build it, but will it be found? You may be wasting your time. A web designer understands the process of optimizing your site. You may build a site no one will find.

So do you hire a professional? What does a website cost? The average person doesn’t have a clue and large web development companies like it that way. If you’re not careful, you’ll overpay every step of the way from buying a domain name to design and hosting.

Many larger companies will not develop a site for less than $10,000. At Wagner Web Designs, Inc, we cater to the small business and have a comfortable niche in the marketplace since 2007.

“We meet directly with our clients and get a feel for what they want. We outsource projects if necessary while overseeing quality and design. We hire based on needs and solutions and are able to keep our overhead low and pass that savings on to the customer.”

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Andrea Wagner, Principal and CEO, launched her career with a degree in Advertising and Publication design, enjoying a 10 year span as a magazine Art Director in NYC. The Internet boom of the 90’s prompted her to refine her skills in web design instead of print publishing, and she quickly established herself as one of the top designers in Westchester and and Fairfield Counties, establishing a loyal following of clients.