Blog Business Survival after COVID-19

Consumers have been forced to change their buying behavior and that will have lasting implications for brands and businesses alike. Most of us have been forced to digitize our behavior. Some demographics, like older consumers, may have been uncomfortable with buying groceries and other goods online and this pandemic has forced them to switch.

Once they fall into this new routine and get used to the ease of home delivery, shoppers may be hesitant to return to the brick and mortar store.

Nearly 40% (study conducted by Smartcommerce) of current online grocery shoppers made their first online purchases in March. Doctors and other medical professionals have been offering camera sessions online as a way to see patients who have non-emergency situations. Experts expect such online shopping and virtual telemedicine to continue long after we return to (somewhat) normal.

As you plan for the future, you may consider the following to prepare for this new way of business.

  1. Boost your online presence and offer virtual consultations, video tutorials, and discount promotions for services.
  2. On your website, prioritize your products, and services for hire. Emphasize what will matter to your consumers. Don’t assume they know you are ready to do business. Tell them and tell them what steps you have taken to ensure their safety.
  3. Be prepared to add sanitizers to lobbies, storefronts and offices. Yes, they are out of stock, but back order now.
  4. Separate desks, tables and office waiting room chairs to keep social distancing while working. Make customers feel comfortable coming in.
  5. It’s tempting to stop spending on digital marketing and that can have a negative impact. But you do have to change the way you market. Promote your virtual offerings and the steps you are taking to protect them and your staff.
  6. Teachers have been forced to learn new ways of teaching. If you offer any kind of professional instruction, such as music lessons, consider adding the options of virtual classes as well.

Consumers will want to work with companies that focus on customer and employee safety and it’s important that you let your customers know you are ready.

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