Blog Working through the Corona Crisis

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Recently a colleague and friend asked my opinion on posting a notice to market his cemetery/ chapel services this month. I was horrified and though it was in poor taste and seeing this ad would offend anyone reading it.  We are depressed enough—preparing for death is not an uplifting topic but it is downright obnoxious in our current climate.

It got me thinking though; I am a web designer and one of my services is continually updating websites.
I have been inundated with update requests since this pandemic started, cancelling events, closing down restaurants, posting  extreme measures taken by many businesses. It is an important way to communicate with their clients.

I feel a tinge of guilt in that I am profiting off of these businesses needing to pay me to post notices that they are closing their doors.  (Why shouldn’t preparing for death attempt to profit from this pandemic?)   After all, I am performing a service, as I have always done, yet this somehow feels like I am taking advantage of a bad situation. But, on the other hand, I have been responsive in posting these updates, performing a valuable service, and I have to pay rent and eat too.

There are companies out there taking advantage in a positive way: selling hand sanitizer, website applications that allow for video conferencing, cleaning services that will disinfect, delivery services, etc.

I also hear stories of companies taking advantage by price gouging, or promoting products that promise to protect.

I’ve come to this conclusion: I am grateful to be in an industry where my services are needed through good times and bad. I’m grateful to be able to help my clients inform their clients and keep communication open for them to continue to conduct business. I should expect to get paid for my time and expertise in offering this timely service but I am discounting my normal rates to make this happen.

I welcome your thoughts and would love to hear what you have experienced in offering services during this time.