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Aug 2017

Web Design Trends – What to Look for in Clean Design

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Why are design trends important?
For non-website designers, it is nearly impossible to stay on top of the technological advances and countless new design options emerging almost daily. But you know that your website must be user-friendly and engaging on any device. After all, you are in business to sell, not entertain.


The landscape of web design is constantly evolving. Web designers need to understand how users react and tap into their subconscious spending habits; whether or not something appeals to us or even displeases us.

When we see an old or outdated website, we may assume the company is itself old- fashioned, or maybe out of touch with technology. This can prove dangerous for a technology company or even a manufacturer, who claims to use state of the art technology for its customers. Websites that still use Adobe Flash, pop- up windows, or even old scripts will not work on an Apple device, (iphones and tablets) You just lost more than half your audience. Google also will soon ignore your site if it is not mobile friendly. Colors and readability play a large part in our decision to buy. Our eyes shouldn’t have to work that hard to process small text, long paragraphs or light text. We also have shorter attention spans which cause us to walk away from a site that has these flaws.

Okay! So what is Trending?

The arrangement of design elements within a given structure should allow the reader to easily focus on the message, without slowing down the speed of his reading.

  • Long page scrolls (people would rather scroll than click)
  • Responsive design – adapts to a user’s devise (desktop, phone, tablet)
  • Big bold type, Stronger use of typography. Capture my attention!
  • Aesthetic movement- the gentle flow of type on a page. The rotation of images to keep ones attention is also known as parallax scrolling.  Moving different parts of a website page at different speeds (parallax scrolling) increases visitor engagement.
  • Use of interesting mouseover effects when I put my mouse over elements. Make me want to poke around!
  • Brighter colors
  • High quality videos


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Nov 2016

Google Creating New Mobile Search Index

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Google is working to create a separate search index specifically for mobile within the next couple of months. The mobile search will eventually become its primary one. The desktop index will remain, but may not be updated as often.

While no specific date has been given, the change was confirmed by Google’s search analyst Gary Illyes at the Pubcon digital marketing conference in Las Vegas this October, the world’s leading marketing conference. Illyes stated that more than 85% of Google’s search results are now mobile friendly.

What does this mean to you?

 The news has potentially huge concerns for businesses that depend on google rankings, especially those who have been slow to adopt a mobile-friendly site.

Anyone with a site which isn’t fully optimized for mobile will likely suffer in the search results. The good news is that the change appears to be a few months off so there is time yet to get your mobile presence in order.

Now is the time to consider a mobile friendly (“responsive”) website face lift if you have not already done so.

We are experienced in optimized web design and development, always keeping up with the latest trends in design and search engine optimization that will help you gain your market share.

Take advantage of this 30 day free offer: Get a detailed search analysis report of your current site. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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Aug 2016

Ransom ware: It can happen to you!

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It happened to me and I’m pretty computer savvy 😐


ransomeimageThere is a new form of malicious ransom ware out there that is plaguing the business industry. Ransomware is a computer virus that you get from opening a malicious document or email. It can even be from someone you know because they are stealing email addresses.

When you open the malicious file in your pc, your computer will either freeze or ask to run the app. Files will suddenly become encrypted and documents from the ransomware will be dropped into to every folder.

The message is something like this:

Cannot find the files you need? That is because the files have become encrypted. Great! You are now part of a community, Cerber Ransomware

It goes on to say that unless you have the encryption key, you cannot access your files and if you try to remove on your own, the files will be permanently destroyed. You usually have a few weeks to comply with their instructions to pay for the software and the key.
They demand each victim to pay 1.25 in BitCoins, which is approximately $512 USD.

In February, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center handed over $17,000.
In June of this year, 57% of Microsoft Office users (source: SCMagazine) were hit.
Prime Healthcare, which runs a few hospitals, and Kansas Heart Hospital were forced to pay to retrieve thousands of patient files. But Kansas Heart paid and didn’t get their files back.

It is strongly recommended not to pay the ransom as the Cerber key may not decrypt the data entirely. Also, it helps to perpetuate this nasty business. Security experts recommend removing the Cerber virus as soon as the victim notices that the computer has been compromised by it.

Luckily, I did not pay and I did not lose data. I had two backups, one on an external hard drive, and one in the cloud called Carbonite. I did not pay the ransom but called upon my trusted Computer Troubleshooters (in Brookfield,CT) who immediately scanned my computer using malware and AVG cleaners.

Tips to Avoid:

Cyber criminals mostly distribute this virus via spam emails, so make sure you do not open any suspicious emails that come from unknown senders. Even though most of such malicious correspondence comes up as “Spam”, there is no guarantee that a virus-carrying email will not slip to your regular Inbox as well. You should be particularly careful about opening any attachments that come from unknown sources and are accompanied by suspicious emails. They may pose as representatives of governmental or law enforcement institutions, so it is recommended that you always check the legitimacy of such emails.

Make sure you have a good backup in place. If you back up to an external hard drive, remove it during the day and back up at night once all is okay.

Have a trusted IT professional make sure your malware protection is up-to-date. This is not foolproof but can help avoid a costly problem.


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Jun 2016

When is a site ready for Launch?

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As a web designer, I am constantly juggling work on many different sites at once while waiting for my clients to deliver materials needed for their website. Often it’s difficult to get them to focus on what they need to say to get their message across. A copywriter is very useful for this but not all clients have the budget. Obtaining the right images is also a laborious task. Business people, especially small business owners, halloween-cobweb_zk84c9Kdare juggling many responsibilities and have very little time to put together the content for their site. Or they are stuck in what they want to say. The end result is that we start a website and it grows cobwebs until I finally receive all the materials needed to finish.

So now I have 15 open projects on my desk wondering what is missing from what site, and when will we finish? Solution? Yes!

My new step-by-step approach now to extract the content (without pain!) now helps me to finalize the site ready for launch. But wait! It’s not finished!
Remember this: Websites are alive, constantly being tracked by Google and you are encouraged to change content.

Are you a procrastinator who wants a site but does not have the time to put together your materials?
Is your site out-dated but you don’t have the time to update the content?

We have a plan for you!


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Nov 2015

Dynamic Templates

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Sometimes, to get special dynamic effects, we start with a template and then customize. We us Template Monster often. If you see a template that you think may work for you, let us know! We will customize and create a site with your own unique style and branding!

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